Affinity Credit Union Gold Choice Rewards MasterCard Login | Make a Payment

Affinity Credit Union is a reputable institution that undoubtedly helps many individuals successfully avoid corporate banks while handling their finances. Affinity has, however, outsourced their online card management to CUETS, a subsidiary of the Toronto Dominion Bank. On the CUETS online banking portal, cardholders will be able to fully manage their accounts, whether they’re looking to pay bills, update personal information, or perform any other transaction normally available when banking in person. The guide below has outlined the steps involved in setting up an online banking account as well as the steps necessary to activate your newly acquired card. If you’ve already created an account with CUETS, scroll down to the heading below to learn how you can log into your account to begin banking online today.

Before submitting anything to CUETS, take a moment to review their privacy policy to learn how your personal information will be used.

How to Login

The Sign In menu, available at this website, requires the successful entry of your Username. Once entered, click Sign In to proceed.


Here you must input your Password and click Submit. If your login credentials were supplied correctly, access to your online account should be granted and you can begin banking online. Snip20161231_3

In the event that you forget your password, select the Forgot Password? link located within the password login window. This link will take you to a password retrieval page where you must supply your Mother’s Maiden Name and your Date of Birth. With your personal information supplied, click Submit to proceed. The subsequent page will provide you with the ability to retrieve your password.



To get your newly acquired credit card activated, call the phone number listed above this paragraph and follow the instructions given by a customer service representative. After your card has been activated, you may then register for an online banking account with CUETS in order to manage your finances more efficiently. The registration process can be accomplished on the CUETS online portal (linked above this paragraph). Once there, click on the New User/Enrol Now link to proceed.


Next, supply your Card Number and click Submit. The following steps in the process will have you providing some additional personal information as well as choosing a username and password for your account. Once this process is complete, your account will be ready for use and you can begin banking online. Best of luck!