Affinity Credit Union Gold MasterCard Login | Make a Payment

Affinity offers a ton of convenient features to its account holders, though your online banking experience will take place on the CUETS web portal (CUETS is the financial institution which has issued this card). For owners of the Affinity Credit Union Gold MasterCard, you will be able to create an online account with CUETS which in turn will enable you to manage your credit card from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Once logged in, you will be able to pay bills, transfer funds, update personal information, and the like. For more information on logging in, enrolling in online banking, and card activation, please read and review our guides.

All users, whether new to online banking or well experienced, should familiarize themselves with the CUETS privacy policy before submitting any information to them online.

How to Login

The login process, beginning at this webpage, is simple and will allow you to access your online banking account. In the Sign In menu, supply your Username and click Sign In.


Type your Password in the empty field found on this next page (pictured below). Once entered, click Submit to be granted access to your personalized banking account.

If you’d like to retrieve a forgotten password, click on the Forgot Password? link located within the password login menu. On the following page, supply your Mother’s Maiden Name and your Date of Birth before clicking Submit. The ability to retrieve your password will be presented on the subsequent page.



If you’d like to activate your card so that it can be used to make purchases or to register for online banking, call the number posted above this paragraph and follow the basic instructions provided by a customer service agent and/or the automated messaging system. Once activated, click on the Secure registration link (also found above this paragraph) to begin the registration of your online banking account with CUETS. In the Sign In window, click on New User/Enrol Now to continue.


On this page, under Account Information, enter in your Card Number and click Submit. The next several steps demand that you provide some security information as well as decide upon a username and password for your account. After supplying the requisite information and completing the registration process, your account will be ready for use and you can begin to bank online. Best of luck!