Bank of Hawaii Visa Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

If you are in the position of having just received a Bank of Hawaii (BoH) Visa Credit Card in the mail but are unsure of how to proceed with it- how to activate the card, register an account online with BoH, manage the card via their user portal- you may find the information available lower on this page of some use. We have created guides to take you from activation to management with no stone left unturned along the way. Once complete, you will be able to pay bills, view past statements, and otherwise fully manage your card from the comfort of your home.

Please familiarize yourself with the BoH online privacy policy before submitting any personal information to their system.

How to Login

Login is possible from the BoH homepage where you will simply have to enter your e-Bankoh User ID and select go.


Enter your password and select sign in in order to complete the login process.


Please call BoH at 1 (888) 643-3888 to retrieve or reset any lost login credentials.


Call the number listed above in order to activate your new card. Once active, select the link above and, once redirected, the enroll link below the login field to begin the registration process.


Select continue once the requisite information has been collected.


Please indicate for BoH where, regionally, you first opened your account and what type of customer you are.


Select the line of  credit account bullet point and then click continue.


You must now establish your identity in the eyes of BoH by entering the required information. Select continue once complete. On a following page you will have the opportunity to set your security credentials and account preferences.