Hawaiian Airlines Bank of Hawaii Mastercard Login | Make a Payment

I’m going to go ahead and assume that if you’re finding yourself at this page odds are that you have just received a Hawaiian Airlines Bank of Hawaii (BoH) Mastercard in the mail but are unsure of what to do now. You will want first to activate the card, then to register an account online, and finally to manage your card from the comfort of your home. We have created guides, available below, to carry you through each of these processes with clarity and transparency. Once completed, you will be able to pay bills, view past statements, and more with ease via the BoH online user portal.

It would be wise to at least scan over the BoH online privacy policy before submitting any personal information to their system.

How to Login

To login navigate to the BoH homepage and enter your e-Bankoh User ID.


On the subsequent page shown below enter your password and select sign in in order to complete the login process.


All login difficulties, including lost credentials, can be resolved by calling BoH at 1 (888) 643-3888.


Activation is possible only by calling the number listed above. Once active, register your card by selecting the link above and working through the following steps. First, select the enroll link located just below the login field.


Select continue once the requisite information has been collected.


You must now indicate where you opened your account and what the nature of this account was/is.


Select the line of  credit account bullet point and then click continue.


Enter the information requested to complete this step. You will then be able, on the following pages, to set your security credentials and account preferences.