BP Visa Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

Logging into the cardholder portal setup by BP for the BP Visa Credit Card is a fairly straight-forward process which asks the cardholder to enter their User ID and then, on a second page, their password. Once the cardholder has gained access to the portal he/she may adjust their personal information, view their current balance or past bills, review their card agreement, and more.

How to Login

To login the cardholder must first go to this webpage and enter his/her User ID. After completing this step he/she must enter a password on the next page to complete the login process.bp-credit-card-login


If the User ID has been lost or forgotten it can be looked up by simply clicking the ‘Lookup User ID’ link. Once clicked, the cardholder will be prompted to enter his/her account number and the last four digits of his/her Social Security, after which BP will provide the cardholder with the lost or forgotten User IDbp-user-id-credit-card


BP offers the following explanation as to why providing a Social Security number is necessary for this process:



Finally,BP Also provides the following explanation as to why a password field is not present on the initial login page:




Like many rewards credit cards these days, the BP Visa Credit Card is not activated through the more traditional method of calling the number on the back. One must register an account on My BP Station in order to begin using and managing the credit card as validating the credit card is one step in the overall process. In order to begin the process cardholders must go to this webpage and click ‘register’ to be able to first enter their account number. One must be the primary account holder and have a BP Visa Credit Card in order to complete this process.



Once that has been completed the cardholder will be directed to the validation page at which point the credit card will be activated. Following that security options and account details will be finalized before the cardholder’s My BP Station will be active.