Cincinnati Police Credit Union Platinum Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

Owners of the Cincinnati Police Credit Union Platinum Credit Card will find the login process relatively simple. Once logged in, cardholder will be able to perform a number of simple account actions such as updating personal information or paying statements.

How to Login

In order to login cardholders will have to visit the homepage within which the login fields are located. The fields, shown below, are comprised of an account number and a 4 digit pin. Once entered correctly you will be given access to your account.


On the off chance that you’ve forgotten or misplaced your password you can retrieve it by selecting the Forgotten PIN / Password link. Once clicked, you will be prompted to enter the following information to retrieve your information:

  • Account number
  • Last name
  • SSN
  • Zip code





In order to activate your card you must call 1-800-810-0221 or go in person to the following address:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.47.18 AM