Illinois State Police Heritage Foundation Visa Platinum Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

Those who have just acquired an Illinois State Police Heritage Foundation Visa Platinum Credit Card in the mail will be required to activate it before putting it to use. Once activated, cardholders will be able to register for an online account with the ISPFCU Credit Union home branch. Through this account it will be possible to manage payments, transfer balances, update personal information and otherwise stay on top of all finances. Below we’ve offered a tutorial on how to activate, register and access your online banking. Scroll down for more information.

Before submitting any personal information into the online portal, it is wise to review the ISPFCU privacy policy in order to gain a better understanding of what they intend to do with said information.

How to Login

In order to successfully log into your online banking, you will first need to navigate to this webpage. There you will be able to submit your User Name and below this, supply the code proving that you are indeed a human being before clicking Next.


The second page will provide you with the ability to answer a security question. Once the answer has been provided, click Next and you will be able to access your online banking account.


In the case that you’ve forgotten the answer to one of your security questions, thus you are unable to access your online account, locate the Forgot Your Answer window located on the bottom right hand side of the screen. There you will be able to click the Send Me a Bypass Code link and choose between email, phone or text in regards to code retrieval. Once you’ve accessed your code, you will be able to click Enter My Bypass Code and in the window that pops up, submit it to bypass the security question section.

ISPFCU-login-3 ISPFCU-login-7


In order to activate your newly acquired visa, you will be required to call the number posted above to speak to a customer service representative. Be sure to have your card and an ID on hand as they will ask for certain pieces of personal information. Once activated, set up your online account by clicking on the secure registration link also provided above. This link will navigate you to the enrollment page where you will need to click the Setup Your Info link.


Click Let’s Get Started to continue.


You will need to review the terms and conditions on this page and, once you’ve agreed to them, click the box that indicates that this is the case. Click Next to continue.


Supply your user ID into the field on this page and, below this, supply the code to proceed.


You will need to, on this page, enter your last name, final 4 digits of your SSN and your date of birth before being able to continue. The following pages will have you providing your security questions and answers before granting you access to your online banking. Best of luck!