How to Apply for the Citi ThankYou Credit Card

Interested in a Citi ThankYou Credit Card? You have three options to choose from: PreferredPremier, and College Preferred. Each card has it’s own variations on the ThankYou program, as well as fee, rate, and reward differences. To simplify your decision we have posted the table below which outlines the specific differences you can expect to see from these cards.

citi-thankyou-apply-1 citi-thankyou-apply-2 citi-thankyou-apply-3 citi-thankyou-apply-4 citi-thankyou-apply-5

You will be able to select the desired card once you begin the application process, but before we dive in we recommend you take a look at the Citi privacy policy before submitting to them any of your private data.


You must meet the requirements below to be eligible for this card.

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid US street Address
  • Have a valid Social Security Number

How to Apply

To select your card navigate to this webpage (shown below) and select the ThankYou card which most closely fits your needs by clicking learn more.

citi-thankyou-applya citi-thankyou-applyb


Follow the link to the card summary page which will house the next step button. Select the link in order to be redirected to the secure application.


Step 1- Personal Information

Enter the following personal data into the first section of the application:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number


Step 2- Security Word

Decide upon a security word and hint at this juncture.


Step 3- Financial Information

Submit the following financial data at this point:


Step 4- Authorized Users

You may add additional users to your card at this point in the application.


Step 5- Electronic Disclosures

Citi asks you to assent to their disclosures related to electronic billing at this point. Review the Electronic Disclosures and Privacy Policy and select I agree to continue.


Step 6- Terms and Conditions

Take a minute to look over the terms and conditions for your preferred card (Preferred, Premier, College) and, if you agree to them, select submit to finalize the application. good luck!