First Citizens Optimum Rewards Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

First Citizens Bank and Trust Company (FCB) has done a wonderful job at making online banking as simple and stress free as possible. Therefore, if you’ve just received your new optimum rewards card in the mail, you will be on your way to managing your account through their portal in just a few minutes. The guide for registration as well as card activation can be reviewed below for those who are unclear on how to go about accomplishing either or both tasks. In no time, we’ll have you checking statements, making payments and otherwise taking full advantage of their fantastic online banking.

Before starting, we recommend reviewing the privacy policy to ensure you are comfortable with how they intend on using your personal information.

How to Login

Navigate to the FCB secure login page and enter in your Customer ID into the supplied field. On a subsequent page, you will be able to submit your password.

first-citizens-bt-optimum-login-1If you’ve forgotten either your Customer ID or your Password, click on the link that corresponds with your current situation to be brought to either of the below fields. You will need to provide your CustomerID/Password (depending on the circumstance),ATM/Debit Card Number, PIN, Zip Code before retrieval is made possible.



To activate your card, call the number displayed above. Management of your card online can be accessed through the FCB web portal, however, you must already have both a debit/ATM card as well as a checking, savings or money market account before registration is made possible. Providing you have both of these things, follow the above link to the login page where you will have access to the Enroll Now option as displayed below.

first-citizens-bt-optimum-login-2This will take you to a secondary page where the following will need to provided before continuing on to the setting of security credentials and the finishing of the registration process:

  • ATM/Debit Card Number
  • PIN
  • SSN
  • Checking,savings or money market account
  • Proof that you’re human