First County Bank Secured Visa Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

Those who have just received their Secured Visa in the mail are most likely looking to activate their card as well as set up an online account with First County Bank’s credit card handler, Elan Financial Services (EFS). It is through this web portal that you will be able to manage your visa in order to make payments, check statements, update your account preferences and any other function that falls under the category of online banking. Some may find the application, secure registration or login procedures daunting, if applies to you, allow us to walk you through the EFS web portal using our guide below.

It is advised to read through the privacy policy issued by EFS to familiarize yourself on how they intend on using your personal and financial information.

How to Login

On the EFS homepage, you will notice the Personal ID field in which your username can be entered. This will prompt a secondary screen which will require your ID Shield Answer. After those two bits of information have been entered, you will have the ability to bank online.


asb-login-3In the scenario in which a element of your login credentials needs retrieval or resetting, click on the link corresponding to your current situation and fill out the forms they present on the subsequent page.




The number above allows for the activation of your new Secured Visa through speaking to a customer service representative and supplying them with the necessary personal information. To register for you online banking, after your card has been activated, you will want to follow the link above to the registration forms which will require that you set your account preferences and login parameters as well as connect your new card to your account. Once this has been completed, you can consider yourself an online banker with Elan Financial Services. Congratulations!