Milwaukee Brewers Cash Rewards Mastercard Login | Make a Payment

Proud new owners of the Milwaukee Brewers Cash Rewards Mastercard can personally manage their account online through the Bank of America, the card-issuing company, website. If you’ve recently acquired this particular card but you’re having difficulty accessing your account, look no further, you will find helpful information in the below tutorial which should get you on the right track. Once logged into your account, you can easily pay your bills, manage your rewards, view e-statements, and much more. If your card is not yet activated, scroll down to the activation section at the bottom of the page. With an activated card and an online banking account, you will sufficiently prepared to stay on top of your finances as you begin using your new  Milwaukee Brewers Cash Rewards Mastercard.

We strongly recommend that you read over the Bank of America’s privacy policy to understand how they use and protect your personal information online.

How to Login

To log in, navigate to the Secure Sign-in window found on the Bank of America homepage and enter your Online ID and Passcode. Then, click Sign In to gain access to your online banking portal.


If you are unable to login because you forgot your login information, you will have to retrieve your online ID or reset your passcode. This is easily done. Just click the link that applies to your particular situation, either the Forgot ID or Forgot Passcode link. Then, on the linked page, enter your complete card number or account number, complete Social Security number or Tax ID number, and your Online ID (for a forgotten passcode), or Passcode (for a forgotten ID). Click Continue to be able to retrieve or reset your login information and regain access to your online banking account.



If you just received your Milwaukee Brewers Cash Rewards Mastercard in the mail, call the customer service number (found directly above) to get your card activated. Once your card has been activated, you will be able to make purchases and can register for online banking. If you’d like to register for online banking, click the Secure registration link posted above this paragraph. On the linked registration page, first enter your complete card number or account number, and your complete Social Security number or Tax ID number in the indicated fields of the linked page. Then, click Continue. On the next page you will set up your login information with which you will then be able to log into your account. We hope you enjoy your Milwaukee Brewers Cash Rewards Mastercard, and thank you for visiting!