PenFed Defender Visa Signature Card Login | Make a Payment

Setting up an online banking account for your PenFed Defender Visa Signature Card is a simple process that can be accomplished by following the instructions found on this webpage. We’ll go over the major steps, from activating your card, to signing up for an account and logging into the online banking system. After you’re accessed PenFed’s secure banking page, you’ll find a variety of functions available to assist you with managing your finances. You’ll be able to quickly pay off your balance, review your purchase history, update your personal information, and perform a variety of other transactions. To get started, scroll down to our tutorial below.

Take a moment to review the PenFed privacy policy to learn how your personal information will be used.

How to Login

Navigate to this website to access the online banking homepage. Once there, enter your Username into the blank field and click Login to proceed. 


If you are accessing your online banking account from a computer that isn’t recognized by PenFed’s systems, you may be required to provide the answer to a security question. If this is the case, supply the answer to your security question in the blank field and, below that, let PenFed know if you’d like to register the computer you’re currently using. The following pages will require you to supply your password before you can successfully log into your online account.


To retrieve a forgotten user name, click on the Forgot User Name? link found within the login menu on the main page. Next, you will need to enter-in your Social Security Number and click Continue. If you’re SSN was entered correctly, you will receive an email shortly containing your forgotten user name.


If you are unaware of your password, select the Forgot Password? link located in the main login menu. On the following page, click on the green Let’s Get Started! tab to proceed.


At this juncture, we will go over each of the verification methods used to retrieve a forgotten password by starting with the first available option; the Member Number. Enter this number as well as your Security Code and the first 3 digits of your SSN. Once entered, click Continue and you will receive an email from PenFed containing your forgotten password.


To verify your identity using your user name, you will simply need to supply your User Name, Security Code, and the first 3 digits of your SSN. Click Continue once you’ve supplied the information correctly and an email will be sent to you containing your forgotten password.


You will notice that the last two methods of verification require the same information. In the entry field, supply your Social Security Number and click Continue to proceed. An email will be sent to you shortly that will contain your user name. With your user name accessible, you will be able to retrieve your password by means of User Name verification, as described above.



If you’ve forgotten both your user name and your password, you can click on the Forgot User Name and Password? link found within the main login menu. On the page the follows, supply your Social Security Number and click Continue. An email will be sent to you containing your forgotten user name and, from there, you can retrieve your password using the User Name method of verification that we’ve described above.



Activating your card is simple and can be accomplished by calling the number posted above to speak to a customer service representative. Once your card has been activated, you can begin the online account registration process by clicking on the Secure registration link located just above the activation phone number. Click Let’s Get Started! on the following page to proceed.


Here you will need to verify your identity by supplying your Member Number, your Security Code, and the middle 2 digits of your SSN. In the subsequent pages, you will be given the opportunity to setup your account by choosing a user name and password. After completing these simple steps, your online banking account will be ready for action! Happy banking!