Shell Platinum Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

Individuals who are looking to manage their Shell Platinum Credit Card online can do so by directing themselves to the secure login webpage. Once logged in, cardholders will be able to make changes to their personal profiles, review statements history, view unpaid bills, and make faster payments.

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Make a Payment

Cardholders that desire to make a payment and settle any outstanding balances can do so by logging into their Shell Platinum Credit Card online account. To login, you must use the valid User ID and password that were created when the card was activated. Direct yourself to the secure login webpage and enter your User ID and password in the applicable fields. Click to the “Sign On” button to access your Shell Platinum Credit Card online account


Secure Activation

Once you have received your Shell Platinum Credit Card you will be required to activate it before it can be used. New cardholders can activate their cards from the same webpage that will later be used to access the associated online profile. To activate your card, simply go to the secure login webpage and click the “Register Now” button.

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On the following page, you will be requested to input information that is printed on the card; ensure that the card is in-hand before continuing. Input the following information in the applicable fields:

  • Full number that appears on the face of the card
  • Name printed on the face of the card
  • Last three digits on the signature panel
  • Last four digits of the primary card holder’s social security number
  • Your e-mail address

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Click the “Verify” button to finalize the activation process for your Shell Platinum Credit Card. The ensuing webpage will present you with the option of creating an online user profile. The creation of such a profile has numerous benefits, and can easily be accessed by following the previously mentioned steps.

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