How to Apply for The RMEF Rewards Visa Card

The RMEF Rewards Visa Card is great credit option that will directly benefit the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s hunting and conservation efforts. After making your first purchase, $35 will be donated to RMEF and you will receive $10 off a $20 purchase at the RMEF Elk Country Trading Post. The cash back rewards program is an attractive feature as it enables you to earn back a percentage of what you spend. For every $1 spent on qualifying purchases, you will receive 1% cash back which, in turn, is applied directly to your statement credit and will reduce your balance. You can also earn 2% & 3% cash back for purchases in select categories. An introductory 1.99% APR for balance transfers and net purchases will be given for the first 6 months. After the introductory rate expires, the annual percentage rate will increase for both purchases and balance transfers to somewhere between 12.49% to 18.49%, depending on your creditworthiness (APR is subject to change). In addition to these low interest rates, this Visa demands no annual fee of its cardholders. All in all, The RMEF Rewards Visa Card is a valuable credit option that comes recommended by us here at Card Reviews based on its low interest rates and cash back rewards program. If you’d like to apply, scroll down to our tutorial below.

We recommend that you review Commerce Bank’s privacy policy before submitting any personal information into their online portal.


The following requirements must be met in order to be eligible for this card:

  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • You reside in the United States
  • You have a valid SSN

How to Apply

Step 1- To begin the application process for The RMEF Rewards Visa Card, navigate to this webpage. Once there, take a moment to review the terms and conditions for this credit card to get a full understanding of what it is you are applying for. If you agree with Commerce Bank’s terms, click I Agree to proceed.


Step 2- Under Applicant General Information, the following personal details must be specified:

  • Full name
  • Street address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Home phone number
  • Email address
  • Confirm email address
  • Time spent at current address
  • Date of birth
  • SSN
  • Mother’s maiden name


Step 3- Next, enter-in your current Occupation/Position and Employer. Just below that, provide the amount of Years and Months you have been working at your current job and the associated Work Phone number.


Step 4- Here, under the Applicant Financial Information heading, you should see two empty fields where you can supply your Total Annual Income and the total amount of your Other Income.


Step 5- Regarding your Housing Information, specify whether or not you Rent or Own the home you are currently living in (if neither, select Other and provide a brief description below). Before proceeding, enter-in your Monthly Housing Payment.


Step 6- At this juncture, you are required to supply the name of your nearest relative not living with you as well as Their relationship to you.


Step 7- Select Yes or No to specify whether or not you have declared bankruptcy in the last 10 years and whether or not you are a permanent resident of the United States. Click Next to proceed.


Step 8- If you would like to add a co-applicant to your account, you may do so by selecting Yes and providing the personal information of the co-applicant. Click Next when you are ready to continue.


Step 9- Select Yes or No to specify whether or not you would like to transfer an existing non-Commerce Bank balance to this credit card and whether or not your would like to access your Commerce Bank checking/savings account with this card. After making your selections, click Submit to have your card request sent in for review by Commerce Bank.


Congratulations on making it to the end of the application procedure. We hope this tutorial was beneficial in your attempt to apply and we wish you the best of luck with your new credit card. Take care!