Elk River Bank Secured Visa Card Login | Make a Payment

This guide explains how to register and login to your Elk River Secured Visa Card account.  For activation and registration information scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.  If you already have your card activated and registered, follow the step-by-step guide immediately below to login to your account so you can pay bills, make transfers or view your statements online.  You will login to your Elk River Secured Visa Credit Card account through a third party website, Elan Financial Services (EFS), which issues and handles the credit cards for the Elk River Bank.  You can navigate directly to the login page by clicking the Secure Login link provided above.

Please read the EFS Privacy Policy at your leisure before logging into your account and performing any transactions.

How to Login

First, navigate to the EFS secure login page and enter your Personal ID in the provided field and click on Continue.


Secondly, you will be provide the ID Shield Answer that you have set.  Once entered click Next, which will take you to your online account.


Did you forget either your Personal ID?  Click the Forgot your Personal ID? link on the login page and provide the required information.  These include your credit card account number, security code (both found on your card), your SSN and either your Zip Code or PIN.


If you do not have or cannot supply a Zip Code click Verify by PIN and enter you 4 digit PIN.


Did you forget your Shield Answer?  Click the Forgot your Answer? link and provide your Personal ID, credit card account number, security code (both found on your card), your SSN and either your Zip Code or PIN.



There is currently no way to activate your card directly online.  You will have to call the above 1-800 number and speak to a representative, who will then activate your card.  After your card is activated, register for an online account by clicking the Secure Registration link provided above.  It will take you to a form shown below in this example:


Enter your information in the above fields.  You will be asked to create a Personal ID and Password.  Once all fields are completed, click Submit.  Congratulations, your Elk River Secured Visa Card is registered for online use!  Scroll back to the top for a tutorial on logging in.