Elk River Bank Visa Bonus Rewards Plus Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

Those who have just received their Elk River Bank Visa Bonus Rewards Plus Credit Card in the mail will need to activate it and then, if they so wish, register for an online account and log into said account to properly manage their finances. Once logged in, card holders will be presented with a number of functions only accessible to those choosing to bank online such as instant payments, reviewing past statements and transferring funds.  Note that Elk River Bank credit cards are managed through a third party card handler, Elan Financial Services (EFS), and it is through them that you will be registering for an account.

Before you go ahead and register for an account, it would be wise to review the EFS privacy policy to ensure that you’re aware of how they plan on handling your personal and financial information.

How to Login

In order to access your online account, you will want to navigate your way to the EFS homepage. Once there, you can enter your Personal ID, click Continue, and on the secondary page provide ID Shield Answer. 

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In the case that you’ve forgotten either aspect of your login credentials, you can easily retrieve my either clicking the Personal ID link on the first login page or the Answer link on the second. These links will take you to secondary pages on which you will be able to enter some basic personal information such as the card number, SSN, zip code and the like. Once all data has been submitted, you will be able to access/change your login info.

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As of yet, there is no manner in which card holders can activate their new credit card online. Fortunately, they have supplied a number, listed above, which can be called and through speaking with a customer service representative, you can activate your new Visa. Once your card has been activated, you can create an online account through which you can manage your finances. Navigate to the registration page by clicking on the above link. Once there, submit your card information, personal info and create your login credentials. If done correctly, you will now be fully set up and able to use your new credit card at your convenience. Good luck!

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