How to Apply for the Apple Bank Visa Business Edition Credit Card

In order to properly manage your businesses finances, you need a credit card that will allow you to pay for company supplies, travel expenditures and other necessary purchases. With the Apple Bank Visa Business Credit Card, you can increase efficiency by eliminating the inconvenience of issuing multiple purchase orders and paying multiple invoices. Although this credit card doesn’t come with any type of rewards program, they do offer a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers and purchases for the first 6 billing cycles, after which an interest rate of 10.24%, 13.24% or 18.24% will apply (APR is subject to change). 10.24% is the lowest APR possible APR, offered only to applicants with excellent creditworthiness. But even if you have an average credit score, this card offers a very competitive interest rate considering you will pay $0 in annual fees. To become a cardholder of the Apple Bank Visa Business Credit Card, try applying today by following our short tutorial posted below.

It would  be wise to take a look at First Bankcard’s (the card-issuing company) privacy policy to familiarize yourself with their terms of information sharing.


To be eligible for this credit card, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older
  • Applicants must have a valid U.S. address
  • Applicants must have a valid Social Security number
  • Applicants must have a valid Tax ID number

How to Apply

Step 1 – To begin the application process, navigate to the First Bankcard Apple Bank business credit card page. Locate the Apple Bank Visa Business Credit Card from the list of credit cards and click Apply Now.


Step 2 – You should see the application form in front of you and can start filling it out by providing the following information:

  • Business legal name
  • Tax ID number
  • Phone number
  • Physical address
  • Company name displayed on card
  • DUNS number (not required)
  • Company legal structure
  • Line of Business


Step 3 – If your mailing address is the same as your company physical address, tick the box in the Mailing Address section. If they are different addresses, provide an alternate mailing address.


Step 4 – At this juncture, you have the option of providing a Financial Reference. It is not an obligatory step in the application process but it’s helpful to supply as much financial information to First Bankcard as possible in order for them to properly assess your eligibility for the card. To provide a financial reference, enter your Bank Name, Checking Account Balance, Bank Contact and Phone Number.


Step 5 – This step requires information be submitted regarding the Authorized Company Representative. Provide the following information in order to continue:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Social Security number
  • Physical address
  • Date of birth
  • Home phone number
  • Authorized representative title
  • Annual personal income
  • Years in current position
  • Estimate annual spend
  • Email address


Step 6 – If you would like to add additional cardholders to the account, you may do so at this point in the process. Enter the First Name, Last Name and Employee ID or Last Four SSN of each employee you wish to add to the account. Once you are satisfied with all the information you have just entered, click Continue.

apple-bank-business-apply8Step 7 – The last step involves you reviewing the information you have just entered into the application form and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the card. Tick the box at the bottom of the page stating that you have read and accepted the terms, then click Submit.

We hope this tutorial has proven useful to your application process and sincerely hope your application is approved. Best of luck!