Ariens ‘Get the Gear’ Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

The Ariens ‘Get the Gear’ Credit Card not only comes with special financing opportunities, but also has great online functionality thanks to Synchrony Bank’s online portal. Registering for an account with Synchrony Bank is simple and allows you to fully manage your card right from their website. Logging into your account provides you with the ability to pay your bills, change personal settings, transfer funds, download e-statements, and virtually perform all financial maneuvers available when banking in person. If you need help accessing your account, scroll down to our guide, available below, and we’ll show you how. Furthermore, we have also provided you with instructions on how to register for this online service which includes the steps involved in card activation.

All users are encouraged to review Synchrony Bank’s privacy policy to ensure that they’re comfortable with the way in which their personal information is going to be used.

How to Login

Accessing your online account is possible by heading over to Synchrony Bank’s homepage and clicking on the Your Account link located on the upper right-hand side of the screen. In the window that pops up, supply your User Name and Password, and then click Secure Login to sign into your account. If you have forgotten or misplaced your user name or password, click on the appropriate link found below the login fields and scroll down to the paragraph below for further instruction.



To find your user name, you must enter your Account Number, the Last Four Digits of (your) SSN, and your Date of Birth. Click Continue and you will be taken to the next page which contains instructions on how you can retrieve your user name.


Your password will need to be reset if you’ve forgotten it. Begin this process by entering your User Name, the Last Four Digits of (your) SSN, and your Date of Birth. Once your personal information has been supplied, click Continue to proceed. You will need to complete the remaining set of instructions found on the next page in order to reset your password.



In order to gain the ability to make purchases with your credit card or to register for online banking, you will need to have your card activated. You can activate your card over the phone by calling customer service and following their instructions (number posted above). Once your card has been activated, you may commence the online account registration process by clicking on the Secure Registration link located just above this paragraph. The registration page contains two empty fields in which you must supply your Account Number and Social Security Number. After providing that information, click Continue to proceed to the next step where some basic personal details must be specified. Lastly, create your security and login credentials and you’re all done. You should now be able to use your account for all of your online banking needs.


Thank you for letting us guide you through the Synchrony Bank online portal. We hope our tutorial was helpful and we wish you the best of luck with your online account. Take care!