How to Apply for the New York Jets Extra Points Credit Card

Are you looking for a new credit card with a lucrative rewards program? Well, if you’re a New York Jets Fan, you may be interested in applying for the New York Jets Extra Points Credit Card, a credit option issued exclusively by Barclaycard. For no annual fee you receive 20% off all purchases at, and 2 reward points for every dollar spent on NFL tickets, at the NFL store and on most other NFL-related purchases. In addition, you get 1 point per dollar spent on all other purchases and 10,000 bonus points after $500 in purchases in the first 90 days (which is enough points to redeem for $100 cash back). The APR for the New York Jets Extra Points Credit Card will be assigned based on your credit score and will be set at either 15.24%, 20.24%, or 25.24% (APR is subject to change). While the low 15.24% APR is reasonable, the 25.24% rate is extremely high and worth avoiding. If you’d like to get this card, you can follow the step-by-step tutorial that we have provided below to find out how to complete an online application for the New York Jets Extra Points Credit Card. 

Before you enter any sensitive information onto their website, please review the Barclaycard privacy policy.


To be eligible for this credit card, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a valid US address
  • Have a valid US SSN

How to Apply

Step 1 – To start the application process, navigate to the NFL Extra Points page and click the Apply Now link.

nfl-extra-points-applyStep 2 – Clicking on the drop-down menu, select New York Jets and click Apply Now to be directed to your online application form.


Step 3 – At this point, you should be on the application webpage. Start by providing the below information.

  • Name
  • Permanent address
  • Time at permanent address
  • Residence status


Step 4 – In the next section, you will need to select your Occupation, enter your Total Annual Income, and indicate any bank accounts that you have by clicking Do you have a: and selecting the option that applies to you. After these items have been completed, indicate whether or not you would like to pay a $15 fee to have your card express delivered.


Step 5 – Provide the following Contact Information so that Barclaycard can get in touch with you:

  • Primary phone number
  • Work phone number (optional)
  • Email address
  • Citizenship


Step 6 – Next, you must enter your Date of Birth, Social Security Number and Mother’s Maiden Name in the Security Information section. These details will be necessary in the event that you need to identify yourself to gain account access.


Step 7 –  If you would like to enroll in online statements instead of receiving your statements in the mail, tick the box marked Yes, I want to receive Paperless Statements, and then read and agree to the disclosures stipulating the technological requirements for enrollment in online statements. You may also choose to perform Balance Transfers by clicking the blue Click here link. If you do not wish to perform either of the aforementioned actions skip ahead to the next step.


Step 8 – In this final step, you should review the terms and conditions for the card you are applying for so that you can ensure that you are comfortable with them. You should also review your application to make any necessary corrections. When you are completely ready, click Apply to submit your application. You should receive a response from Barclaycard right away. Best of luck. We hope this guide helped you to successfully complete your online application. “Go Jets!”