How to Apply for the Baltimore Ravens Extra Points Credit Card

Ravens fans who are not only looking for a new credit card but are also looking to support their team will be able to do so with the Baltimore Ravens Extra Points Credit Card. This credit option has a variable APR that is determined by your credit worthiness, set at either 15.24%, 20.24%, or 25.24% (APR is subject to change). The rewards program really caters to the NFL fan by providing cardholders with the ability to earn points when purchasing NFL products. You can earn 1 point per $1 spent on all purchases anywhere, and 2 points per $1 spent on specific NFL products or tickets. These points can be redeemed for cash back once you hit the 2,500 point mark, or they can be put towards your tickets for the next big game. While there are other cards on the market with better interest rates, the Baltimore Ravens Extra Points Credit Card is a great credit option for any die hard NFL fan. Scroll down to learn how to apply.

Take a moment to review the privacy policy to find out how Barclaycard will be using your personal information.


Before proceeding, the following requirements must be met:

  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • You reside in one of the approved US states
  • You have a valid SSN

How to Apply

Step 1- Navigate to the online application page by clicking here. Select the blue Apply Now tab located on the right hand side of your screen.

nfl-extra-points-applyStep 2- Under the Carry Your Team Everywhere heading, use the drop-down menu to select your desired team. In this instance, we will be choosing the Baltimore Ravens. After making your selection, click Apply Now to proceed.


Step 3- Here, you will need to supply some general personal information. The exact data that’s required is as follows:

  • Name
  • Permanent address
  • Time at permanent address
  • Residence status


Step 4- Under Employment and Financial Information, specify your Occupation and your Total Annual Income. Select Yes or No to indicate whether or not you would like the delivery of your card expedited ($15). If you are a student, continue scrolling down as additional information is required.


Students must supply their school name/address as well as some additional details. The exact information that’s needed is as follows:

  • Class year
  • School address (street, city, state, zip)
  • School state
  • Materials will be sent to? (permanent address or address at school)
  • School name


Step 5– Now you must provide your contact information. Enter-in your Primary phone (number) and your Email address. Before proceeding, select Yes or No to indicate whether or not you are a citizen of the United States.


Step 6– For security purposes, supply your Date of Birth, your Social Security Number and your Mother’s Maiden Name.


Step 7– Here you have the ability to specify whether or not you would like to receive your statements by mail. If you wish to receive electronic statements (paperless), read over this disclosure and check each of the boxes located under the Paperless Statements heading. At this point, you may also consolidate your previous balances by performing a balance transfer.


Step 8- Before submitting your application, be sure to read over the terms and conditions for this credit card. Click Apply to have your application sent in for review by Barclaycard, thus completing the application process.


Congratulations on making it to the end of the application procedure. Hopefully you found this tutorial helpful in your attempt to apply for the Baltimore Ravens Extra Points Credit Card. Thank you and take care!